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Times Kitchen Tales

About Us

Traditional or regional food is a wonderful way to connect with the culture and people of a land – as it reflects a variety of influences and motivations. But more exciting is the possibility of bringing alive these food interactions and explorations through the various mediums available now.

That is why we plan to reach out to the readers of The Times of India, from across the country and the globe through Times Kitchen Tales, to bring together diverse food stories from every part of the country.

Get ready with a pen, camera and a hungry belly. Peek into traditional kitchens across the country and document your food experiences through blogs, vlogs, articles or images. Our curator, Kalyan Karmakar will select the articles, the best of which will be published across different platforms. In addition, top participants will also get a chance to meet celebrity chefs, bloggers and food critics.

Discover or express your passion for food - and let others relive your food experiences on a whole new level.